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Unlock your equity today. Buy before you sell with conventional financing. No credit application, no interest, no hidden fees, no hassle.

The Best Way to Sell.

Buy your next home while we take care of selling your current property. No showings, no renovations, no contingent offers. You keep all the upside.

Make a Strong, Non-Contingent Offer

Sell for Top Dollar, Faster

Purchase your dream home with a solid, non-contingent offer. You don’t have to rush to sell first. Our listings typically sell for 11.1% more and twice as fast as the broader market.

Skip the Showings and Home Prep

No Double Moves or Mortgages

We handle preparing your old house for sale while you enjoy your new home. Avoid the cost and complexity of moving twice and paying two mortgages.

Here's How It Works

  1.  Pinnacle, powered by Zoom Casa acquires your property for an initial payment based on the current value of the home, unlocking the majority of the seller’s equity and enabling them to pay off any mortgages
  2. Once the seller moves out, our Pinnacle program prepares the home for sale with our expert designers and proprietary vendor platform
  3.  Zoom Casa resells your home for top dollar and the seller keeps all the upside

That’s right – the seller keeps all the upside!

Pinnacle Forward Moves You!

Let's start with an estimate of the value of your home. Provided by Veronica Mejia DRE#01223093



Condition of the Home: Good
Outstanding Mortgage Balance: $400,000
Advance Rate: 75%
Renovations:  NO
Money Spent on Renovation:  None
Time Spent on Renovation: None
Seller Elects to Stay in Property:  NO
Time  Spent in Property:  N/A
Time to Sell:  30 days

Genevieve and Matthew are a married couple who are looking to grow their family and begin a new journey into homeownership. Both of them work from home and have been stressed about doing showings while juggling work and parenting. Their current property, located in Sacramento, has allowed them to grow their equity greatly but they’ve decided they would like to be closer to their family in San Diego. They already have a few properties in mind and have been attempting to make offers on homes but continue getting declined due to their outstanding mortgage balance of $400,000 and their inability to sell their home before they buy their next property. After multiple attempts, they finally reach out to a BHHS CA Properties agent who has the perfect solution to their problem - Pinnacle Forward.

Their agent lets Genevieve and Matt hew know that their problems could all be alleviated by the help of the Pinnacle Forward program, which allows them to pay off their existing mortgage and take the 75% cash out of their equity to put a down payment on a new home. No longer do they have to wait on their property selling for them to make an offer on their next property - they become some of the most competitive buyers in the market. With the help of the Pinnacle Forward program and the dedication of their agent, Genevieve, and Matt hew are able to make a seamless move from Sacramento to San Diego just 2 weeks after they sold their property to Zoom Casa. Their initial proceeds from the first transaction net them $682,063.00 - even after their mortgage has been paid off!

After they’ve moved, they know they can trust their agent and Zoom Casa to sell their home quickly and efficiently. Their property required no renovations and was an easy and quick sale for its appraised value of 1.45 million. On the resale transaction, they were able to net another $217,500.00 - making their total net proceeds $899,563.00. Genevieve and Matt hew are grateful for the opportunity to move and begin their new life in San Diego by utilizing the program.


Condition of the Home: Good
Outstanding Mortgage Balance: $400,000
Advance Rate: 75%
Renovations:  NO
Money Spent on Renovation:  None
Time Spent on Renovation: None
Seller Elects to Stay in Property:  YES
Time  Spent in Property:  3 Months
Time to Sell:  30 days

Charlie and Emilio are brothers who are looking to help their elderly mother transition into a full-time care facility. As they both work full-time, they’re unable to give her the proper help she needs. Since their mother is unable to go through the traditional home sale process, the brothers are seeking a program that offers flexibility and won’t take advantage of their mother’s situation, so they can sort out selecting a senior facility for their mother.

The brothers meet with a BHHS CA Properties agent who is sympathetic to their story and understands the care that this transition requires. Their agent mentioned the Pinnacle Forward program, which will give their mother the opportunity to stay in the home for as long as she needs while they figure out the rest. Her home appraises for 1.45 million and is in perfect shape to list whenever they’re ready. After Zoom Casa purchases the home, their mother is able to pay off her mortgage and net $682,063.00 on the initial transaction. She is also able to have family come and help her pack her things into storage and find a facility that works for her. Their mother ends up staying in the property for three months, something that Pinnacle Forward is flexible enough to accommodate before she eventually moves.

After she has moved, the BHHS CA Properties agent lists the property for sale. Through the rapport that the agent has built with the family, they know that their home will be properly represented and sold easily. Their agent is able to sell the property with ease and nets the mother another $203,000.00. The time their mother was able to stay in the home while Zoom Casa owned it has already been accounted for in the program fee. The flexibility of the Pinnacle Forward program gave the brothers time to find a care facility close to their homes as well as help their mother fund her stay and ensure an easy transition. Overall, their mother netted $885,063.00 all while being able to move at her own pace with the help of her agent and Zoom Casa.


Condition of the Home: Good
Outstanding Mortgage Balance: $400,000
Advance Rate: 75%
Renovations:  YES
Money Spent on Renovation:  $125,000
Time Spent on Renovation: 3 Months
Seller Elects to Stay in Property:  No
Time  Spent in Property:  N/A
Time to Sell:  45 days

Dr. Ellen is a busy physician who is looking to find her next home. She doesn’t have the time to do the necessary fixes on her property as her work schedule is constantly changing. She also can’t afford to take off work to figure out how she’s going to sell her current home before buying her next home. Additionally, she has no desire to go through the process of a traditional home showing as she often has to do work at home.

After many failed attempts to sell her property due to its condition, she feels she’s out of options. That is, until she meets her dedicated BHHS CA Properties agent. Her agent lets her know that they offer a program called Pinnacle Forward which will allow her to buy her next property before her current home is sold, defer the payment of the needed home renovations until the property resells, and allows her to avoid the hassle of living through showings during her busy schedule. Dr. Ellen believes this is too good to be true but her agent convinces her that this is the best option for her current situation.

Together, she and her agent are able to find her next property and align the closing on her desired property with Zoom Casa’s closing on her current property. This allows her to have the funding necessary to make her down payment and avoid any pause from the sale into moving out. She was able to net $682,063 from the initial transaction! After the sale, Dr. Ellen, her agent, and one of Zoom Casa’s skilled Project Managers completed a meeting where they discussed the necessary renovations to make the property more desirable. They agreed to $125,000 in renovations which included: new flooring and paint, a kitchen remodel, a master bath remodel, and exterior landscape upgrades. The Pinnacle Forward program allowed Dr. Ellen to defer the payment until the property sold, at which point the renovation costs were taken directly out of the proceeds. This means Dr. Ellen didn’t have to worry about finding contractors, sourcing materials, or paying for anything out of pocket. She was able to move out of the property within days of selling and work began right away.

After the renovations were completed, Dr. Ellen’s dedicated agent was able to list the property for $1.7 million. From the resale transaction, Dr. Ellen was able to net another $300,500, bringing her total net proceeds to $982,563. Not only was Dr. Ellen able to buy her next property before she sold, she was able to complete the renovations with no cash out of pocket, and avoid the hassle of having to live in the property while showing it. 

SCENARIO 3 - Low Advance Rate

Condition of the Home: Good
Outstanding Mortgage Balance: 
Advance Rate: 
Money Spent on Renovation: 
Time Spent on Renovation: 
Seller Elects to Stay in Property: 
Time  Spent in Property: 
Time to Sell: 
30 Days

John and Jackie are an older couple who are looking to retire in Baja California. They have previously experienced the difficult traditional home sale process, and they are looking to avoid repeating that by any means necessary. They have paid off their mortgage but would like to be able to buy their next property for peace of mind and ease of transition. They only need 25% of their equity from their home in order to move and put a downpayment on their next property. Because they have taken great care of their current home, they know that they won’t have to put any work into the property in preparation for a sale.

When they meet with their BHHS CA Properties agent, they explain their situation and how they would like to be able to move as soon as possible, but they don’t want to have to wait for their home to sell. Their agent alerts them to the option of Pinnacle Forward - this program will benefit John and Jackie greatly as it will allow them to unlock their needed equity now and net the rest later.

Once John and Jackie have found their next property, they align their new property’s closing with Zoom Casa’s closing on their current property. They receive their initial transaction funds of $360,688.00. They are able to move out of the property quickly and settle into their new home. They decided with their agent to list the property at the appraised price of $1,450,000. They receive offers quickly as their home is in a desirable location and has been kept in great condition. Their agent is able to show the property without having to plan around John and Jackie’s schedule or burden them with leaving the home for hours at a time since the couple was able to move into their new home with Pinnacle Forward. After their home resells, John and Jackie receive $978,750.00, making their entire net proceeds $1,339,438.00.

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